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Membership is deeper than community. Membership is more personal and takes more effort. It is built on trust.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Some People Just Get IT!

I love to learn, and my favorite way of learning is to share ideas and information with like minded individuals. Today I learned a boat load of great information and knowledge from a social media master, Chris Dancy of ServiceSphere. He is a humble man and will tell you he is learning all the time as well, but when you compare where he is in the social media space, he is light years ahead of many; especially me!! I wanted to thank him for his time and eye opening discussion around the many perspectives and current uses of social media. If you don’t know him you will find him in the twittershere under the ServiceShere moniker.

I have also been reviewing the nearly 200 applications for the Strategic Advisory Board for our Software Testing Professional (STP) Collaborative. I am always honored but never surprised by the willingness of people to get involved in their profession. There will only be a handful of people that will be chosen due to the logistics of managing such a group, but I will find a way to harness the passion of the people that want to offer their time to help others in the software testing community.

The beauty of membership is it is about people. And people are what it is all about. Today was a really good day in my world of people.

Thank you Chris and thanks to the 200 applicants that have offered their knowledge to help the STP community!

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  1. Rich,
    Thank you for the kind words! I enjoy your passion and excitement. Keep up the good fight!

    See you in the ether!