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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Will you “Crew”?

I was recently given a preview of our new website at Software Test & Performance Collaborative. Not only will we be launching a new website, we are rebranding the organization to align with our membership focused mission. A couple of the features I was briefed on were:

Crew Membership: STP members will be able to create interest groups that focus on the topics that interest them. They can create crews (groups), join crews, create content, present content, and control the experience they want to create as a member. They can simply observe or they can become a highly “decorated” member of the community. Members will have the ability to rate content and comments that will elevate member’s status within the community. I strongly believe and support the ability for members to create their own experience and want to see the next generation of leaders cultivated through this peer process. Of course we will be developing and providing content at STP. But we know the best content comes from the professionals in the field doing the testing.

Social Media Tools: The web is full of social networks enabling people to connect and collaborate. It is extremely important to help people connect based on their interests. Our developers have taken the ability to connect and make “friends” (like Facebook), organize into “Crews” (like LinkedIn Groups), post videos (like YouTube), share documents (like Share Point), and create & deliver presentations (like Live Meeting) all within a website that will be focused on Software Test Professionals. We all know the value social networks have created, but we also know how time consuming the social web can be. For the Software Testing community we want to be the best place to get your information, fast!

I am extremely excited to start serving the community with this new website functionality. I want to give our development team kudos on a great infrastructure but now that I have seen it; I want it yesterday!

Let me know the functionality you would like to see in our new membership area of the website?

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